Angry Migrant Sow Woman Taking Photos, People Horrified When He Kills Her

While on vacation, an American woman decided to stop and take photos in an eastern suburb of Paris, France. Unfortunately, an angry migrant noticed what she was doing and began to approach her.

Several onlookers quickly spotted the man and were left immediately horrified by what he did next. A 52-year-old woman from the United States was taking some pictures in Paris when her vacation was cut short.

A homeless man, who had recently migrated to France, was immediately set-off for an unknown reason and rapidly approached the woman in anger. As he came up to her from behind, onlookers were horrified when he drew out a knife and began to stab the innocent woman several times, slicing her carotid artery.

The woman immediately collapsed leaving onlookers stunned and terrified by what they just witnessed. “I heard a woman’s cry, then saw an older man leave the Rue Marcel-Dufriche with a big knife in his hand,” said the manager of a store located close to the crime scene, according to Breitbart.

“[The assailant] threatened passers-by and was going back and forth between the victim and the [graffiti-covered] wall of the Halle Marcel-Dufriche. The police arrived very quickly.”

Unfortunately, when the police arrived, they were unable to resuscitate the woman. However, they were able to locate the knifeman “in an alcove next to the crime scene, with a blood-stained knife in his hand,” and they took him into police custody. Unfortunately, the police haven’t given any further details regarding the incident and have yet to identify the victim besides saying that she had an American passport on her.

This story provides a perfect example of why proper vetting of migrants is of the utmost importance and our borders must be protected from those who would circumvent our laws. Although this particular instance occurred in France, the same thing can and is happening here in America, but for some reason, liberals believe that putting American lives in danger is somehow morally superior to protecting our citizens. Perhaps if one of their loved ones were attacked or harmed at the hands of a deranged migrant, their tune would swiftly change.